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PURGATORY HOUSE party at Monroes


The big party at Monroe's in West Hollywood, celebrating the completion of our DVD was a blast! The "Making of PURGATORY HOUSE" featurettes were projected on 3 giant TVs, Larisa Stow --who's music is in PURGATORY HOUSE-- and her band Gathering Guru performed live, and the sushi was fabulous! Everyone loved the DVD menus designed by the talented Dave Gouveia of 3 Dogz Creative.To be notified when DVD's are available click here to send us your email address.


Monroe's in West Hollywood is an amazing place to have a party! It's 2 floors, and has a great setup, sound system and stage!
Director Cindy Baer with writer Celeste Davis and actor Johnny Pacar. On the screen way off in the background is one of the awesome new DVD menus.


It was fun seeing everyone again!
Best-selling author Marc Zicree (MAGIC TIME: GHOSTLANDS), and best-selling author Steve Altman (DEPRIVERS) hangin' out at the party.


Beautiful Brit Townsend played the role of Suzanne in the movie.
Johnny Pacar at a table overlooking the the dance floor below. (ATTN: Johnny Pacar Fans: To see our special fan page just for Johnny with pics, news and video, click here.


Larisa Stow and Gathering Guru performed the songs "Claire's Prayer" and "Heaven" which are featured in the movie.
This amazing band had the audience entranced with their beautiful Kirton music. Check out thier new CD titled "Reaching In" which was just released.


Actor Jim Hanks signs autographs.
John Meredith is one of our biggest supporters and fans. Thanks John!


Jason Ybarra was our dedicated craft service guy. He took great care of us on the set.

Actor Johnny Pacar is quickly making a name for himself as the newest teen star! His new TV show "Flight 29 Down" starts airing in October. Johnny's "Purgatory House" DVDs will be available soon! click here for info!


Cindy, Celeste and Johnny celebrating the completion of PURGATORY HOUSE! Yippee!
Jim Hanks and his lovely wife Karen will see all of the awesome "behind the scenes" interviews and footage all finished!.



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Purgatory House photos of the DVD party celebrating our 90 minutes of bonus features! Pics of Cindy Baer, Celeste Davis, Johnny Pacar, Jim Hanks at Monroe's Bar in West Hollywood