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Big Bear International Film Festival


We had a great time at this intimate yet highly respected festival where PURGATORY HOUSE was one of only ten features to screen! This is the only festival (so far) where we've appeared in print (a feature story in the Big Bear Grizzly), on the radio (KBHR) and on television (Cindy was on "Good Morning Big Bear")! We were also one of the only features to have a full house! The Q&A afterwards was great. A fabulous time was had by all....


Big Bear Festival banners lined the quaint streets.
This is the town theater where we screened.


Festival founders Michael and Carolyn Miller surrounding Cindy.
Cindy met Legendary Cinematographer Laszlo Kovacs (PAPER MOON, WHAT'S UP DOC?, EASY RIDER, GHOSTBUSTERS, etc..), who was honored with a LifetimeAchievement Award.


Our on-camera interview on "Good Day Big Bear".
Kathleen, the host of "Good Day Big Bear" and Cindy Baer.


Our poster in the lobby of the theater.
Our Big Bear Audience loved the movie!


Cindy, actress Linda Hamilton and director David Hefner at the closing night party.
Cindy chatting with Linda Hamilton.


Cindy with director Bess Wiley ("Raising Genius") and director Mikael Frosberg ("Marty and Sven").


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