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Woodstock Film Festival


The World Premiere screenings in New York were a smashing success!
Purgatory House had an amazing "buzz", and played to sold out houses!
Purgatory House was also the sole feature story that ran in the New York Post
Sunday edition right before the festival! And we received our first three official movie reviews! It was fun meeting all the celebs who attended.
Do you see anyone you know?


The beautiful playhouse was the box office and headquarters.
Our very first audience in a real theatre!


Cindy and Katrina outside of our 2nd screening at the Upstate Theatre.
Hello Woodstock!


Cindy did a radio interview at WDST radio in New York.
Laurent is one of Woodstock's awesome Festival Directors.


David D'Arcy (right) from National Public Radio loved our movie and aired a story about Purgatory House on October 25th!
Click here to hear it.
Devin Witt (Atticis) came from Kentucky and Jim Hanks (Saint James) with his son Gage from Los Angeles with Cindy at a party.


Three chicks in our Woodstock T's!

Olympia Dukakis (pictured) and Parker Posey were here with their latest film, THE EVENT.


Woody Harrelson premiered his film
GO FURTHER here too. This is him with Woodstock's festival directors Laurent and Meira at the Closing Night Gala.
Dave Gouveia (our Graphic Designer from Canada), Director Cindy and Lead Actor Jim Hanks, after the World Premiere screening at the Bearsville Theatre.



Bingham Ray from United Artists, Eugene Hernandez from IndieWire, John Vanco from Cowboy Pictures, and Mark Urman from ThinkFilm did an awesome panel discussion on Indie film distribution.


Lili Taylor with John Sayles' film CASA DE LOS BABYS, hangin' at the party at Bearsville.


Our Graphic Designers Dave and Chris from 3 Dogz Creative came all the way down from Toronto to see PH on the big screen!
Annabella Sciorra and Liev Schrieber at the New World party.


Our poster at it's first real movie theatre!





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