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Waterfront Film Festival


Purgatory House was chosen as 1 of only 15 narrative features to screen at the Waterfront Film Festival in Michigan, in another select feature lineup of mainly mainstream indies including: "Napoleon Dynamite", "Primer", "Open Water", "September Tapes", and "Saved!" The 8 Docs included: "Riding Giants", "The Story of the Weeping Camel" and "Born into the Brothels"!!

WFF is a non-competitive festival that celebrates the independent film. And Celebrate we did! Me, Cindy, Jim Hanks and his wife Karen were flown in, and put up at a beautiful hotel on the water. They championed us to the press too!! We were featured in the Chicago Tribune, had 2 feature stories with big photos in the Grand Rapids Press, and were on the Fox News at 10pm!


Cindy and Celeste on their whirlwind tour of Michigan. We could only stay for 2 days to make it back in time for our Los Angeles Premiere!
Jim and his pretty wife Karen.


This beautiful view was right outside the door of our hotel room.
In front of our hotel, which was right on the lake.


Celeste, Cindy, Jim and Hopwood DePree (one of the festival co-founders) before our first screening.
Chillin' with festival co-founders Dori (left), Dana (middle) and Hopwood DePree (the guy) at the Waterfront Film Festival.


The Waterfront Program book.


Here is our first audience in Michigan (what would fit in the photo).
The theatre seats 500, and we had a great turnout.


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