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San Diego Film Festival

Festival programmer Karl Kozak did an amazing job with this festival. PURGATORY HOUSE screened alongside well-known indies we'd heard lots of buzz about like: DEAR FRANKIE, AROUND THE BEND, PRIMER, THE MACHINIST, and UNKNOWN SOLDIER. The festival took place in the historic Gaslamp Quarter of San Diego, and almost all the movies had full audiences! It was fun meeting celebrities like Phyllis Diller, James Russo, Michael Ironside, Melissa Joan Hart, and Rick Schroder. The Actor's Ball and Awards Ceremony was hosted by Extra!'s Michael Corbett, and Celeste won "Best Screenplay" for PURGATORY HOUSE!! It was an engraved silver statue that she was thrilled to receive.


Cindy Baer and Celeste Davis at the Actor's Ball and Awards Ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in San Diego's Historic Gaslamp Quarter.
Erica, Cindy, Celeste and katrina having a blast.


87-year-old Phyllis Diller received the "Governor's Award" for excelling in
film, theater and television as an actress.
Cindy and Celeste with Extra!'s Michael Corbett, who hosted the Awards Ceremony.


Soleil Moon Fry won an award for her documentary called SONNY BOY.
Cindy Baer, Chris Gore from Film Threat, and Celeste Davis at the beginning of the night.


Rick Schroder (NYPD Blue and Silver Spoons) won an award for his film BLACK
Cindy Baer, Chris Gore from Film Threat and Celeste Davis, at the end of the night.


Celeste won an award for "Best Screenplay" for PURGATORY HOUSE!!!!.
And then she was whisked away after for an interview.


Regine Tamba (who plays Fanah), Cindy Baer (who has a cameo as Marsha), Celeste Davis (who stars as Silver), and Katrina Gourley (who plays the teacher).
Celeste and her dad.


Cindy got to meet her childhood idol Ricky Schroder.
Ciff Robertson, Soleil Moon Frye and Rick Schroder with their awards.


Celeste and Cindy do a Q&A with the audience after the screening.
Our movie poster hangs outside the beautiful Pacific Gaslamp Theater in San Diego.


We had a real fonted sign in the movie theater for PURGATORY HOUSE!!.
Karl Kozak was the awesome festival director.


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Purgatory House at the San Diego Film Festival in California, where we won "Best Screenplay. Pictures of cast and celebs