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Screen Actor’s Guild “Roll Film” Series


It was great fun screening the movie at the Screen Actor's Guild in Los Angeles. Almost 200 SAG actors joined us for this sold out event on August 29th, and what a great audience they were! The Q&A was moderated by SAG Indie National Director Paul Bales, who did a fabulous job.


The "Roll Film" Poster made by SAG.
Matt and Cindy by the poster.


Director Cindy Baer
Casting Director/Actress Katrina Gourley and Cindy Baer


"Roll Film" Programmer Bob Nuchow introduced the screening.
Cindy also gave an intro.


After the movie screened, a big crowd stayed for the Q&A.
SAG Indie National Director Paul Bales was a great moderator.


We got a wonderful respnose from the audience.
Cindy answers the last question of the night.


Cindy's left and right hands: Matt and Kat.


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