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Provincetown International Film Festival


We are delighted to announce that our little grassroots (yet critically acclaimed) digital feature was selected to have it's New England Premiere at the Provincetown Film Festival alongside almost entirely mainstream indies including: "Coffee and Cigarettes", "Saved!", "Dear Frankie", "Maria Full of Grace", "Open Water" & "DEBS". Docs include: "Word Wars", "How to Draw a Bunny", and "The Corporation"!!


Here's a photo of the Provincetown film festival poster.


This cute cinema was one of the many venues.
Here's a closer view.


Cindy's Aunt Anne and Uncle Dave
came to see the show.
Cindy's aunt & uncle, along with friends Robin, Arlene, Debbie and Randy (taking this picture) each drove in from all over different parts of Massachusetts to see PH!


Before the movie begins.
After the show Cindy answers questions from the audience.


This was the view outside Cindy's hotel!!! The beach was right in the backyard, and you could hear the waves crashing from the room!
Cindy loving enjoying the gorgeous view from her private balcony on the beach.
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Purgatory House at the Provincetown Film Festival in Massachusetts. Pics of Cindy Baer