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Plymouth Independant Film Festival

PURGATORY HOUSE won "Best Film" at the Plymouth Independent Film Festival!!! This brings our grand total to 8 awards and 14 festivals! Other well known movies screening alongside us at the festival included HOTEL RWANDA, THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES' and THE SEA INSIDE. Festival Director Lisa Mattei did a fantastic job, and we had a record amount of press coverage! I also got to meet legendary animator Bill Plympton who won "Best Short" for his Academy Award nominated film "Guard Dog". And even though our hotel was on the "most haunted" street in Plymouth Massachusetts, we have no ghostly experiences to report.

A film festival banner hangs over the streets.
Cindy and festival director Lisa Mattei.


Cindy with the crew of PacTV who featured PH in a story.
Matt Irving with sponsor Sam Adams.


Signing a DVD after our screening.
Actor Steve Sweeney ("Something about Mary", "Me, Myself and Irene", "Back to School") won the "Spirit of the festival" award.


And guess which film won "Best Film"!
"Purgatory House" won "Best Film"!!! Master of Ceremonies was comedian Loretta LaRoche (right).


Bill Plympton won "Best Short" for his Academy Award nominated animated film "The Fan and the Flower".
Bill and Cindy being goofy with their beautiful sculpted bowl awards, which were original works of art.


Bill Plympton and Cindy Baer clueless that only moments later, each of their films will win the festival awards.
Sculptress Leslie Allen designed and handcrafted these amazing one-of-a-kind glass bowls. The outside says "Best Film." Inside says the name of our film, director and festival.




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Purgatory House at Plymouth Independent Film Festival, pictures of Cindy Baer, Matthew Irving, Bill Plympton, Lisa Mattei, Leslee Allen, Loretta Laroche, Steve Sweeney Photos