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Palm Beach International Film Festival

At the PBIFF in Florida, PH was THE BUZZ MOVIE of the festival! Cindy did interviews on four radio shows: "South Florida Sunday" (which aired on the local NPR station there), "Florida Forum" "The Flying Gourmet", and "Film Freak" (which is a national show out of Los Angeles!). We had a great crowd for our screenings, and the digital projection system and Dolby surround sounded perfect! People were moved during the Q&A,
and a couple of them were even crying.


The theaters were gorgeous! A giant staircase led to the brand new, 2-story multiplex. Porcelain angels and mythical figurines were carved into the walls of the entrance.
See our PH poster hanging right outside in the front?! They replaced the "Dawn of the Dead" poster outside the prime spot of the complex with a "Purgatory House" poster for 2 days!! he he!


Giant murals were painted on the inside walls of every screening room. It was just beautiful. (Here is part of our first audience!)
Cindy's friend Jean (left) was here with her short called "Internet Dating". This photo was right before Jean's screening.


The Gala dinner was spectacular!
Muse Watson from I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is giving Cindy "the claw". Ah!


Cindy met Michael Clark Duncan (from THE GREEN MILE) at the Gala.
We randomly ran into this kid one night during the festival, wearing a PH postcard around his neck like a badge, and had a makeshift tattoo that said "Purgatory House". How cool is that?


Awesome festival directors Hal Axler (left) and Randi Emmerman (right) with Cindy.
The Movico Parision 20 printed movie tickets that said "Purgatory Ho" on them (that's all the letters that fit). "Kill Bill Vol. 2" was playing across from us.


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Purgatory House at Palm Beach International Film Festival, pictures of Cindy Baer, Muse Watson, Michael Clark Duncan, Hal Axler, Randi Emmerman photos