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Pacific Palisades Film Festival

PURGATORY HOUSE had the honor of being the Closing Night Film at the Pacific Palisades Film Festival! Some other hits of this year's fest included Rick
McKay's BROADWAY: THE GOLDEN AGE (which screened with us in Palm Beach, Florida), THE FUTURE OF FOOD, and Chris Gore's MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE. The Palisadian Post did a large feature story on PURGATORY HOUSE, and we had a great audience for the movie.


Director Cindy Baer, Editor KJ Gruca and Actress Katrina Gourley
John Marsh who plays the role of Michael finally got to see the movie on the big screen!


Writer/Producer Chris Gore and Director Philip Zlotorynski from MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE hanging out at the festival
Festival director Bob Sharka gave us a warm welcome


Katrina, Cindy and Ken during the Q&A.
Writer/Actress Celeste Davis and Singer/Songwriter Larisa Stow.


Taking a few questions from the audience after the screening.
Ken, Katrina, Cindy, Associate Producer -and Cindy's husband of 15 days-Matthew Irving, and Festival Director Bob Sharka
(far right).


Chris Gore presents his movie.
The cast and crew of MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE has a great Q&A.



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Purgatory House at Pacific Palisades Film Festival, photos of Cindy Baer, Celeste Davis, Chris Gore, MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE, Ken Gruca, Matthew Irving, Katrina Gourley, John Marsh