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Independent Film Festival of North Texas

The North Texas Film Festival was a blast! When I arrived I was welcomed with a big, warm greeting by festival director Anthony Guteirrez, who put his heart and soul into this festival. I saw a ton of great movies, and met many wonderful people. A really cool and unique event took place right in the middle of the festival. A zombie movie shoot! Real zombies were walking the streets of the festival (see pics below.) What a hoot! But the very best part for me was receiving the "Best Director" and "The Spirit of Independence" Awards!!!



Festival director Anthony Gutierrez wearing a PURGATORY HOUSE T-shirt!
Cindy hanging out with filmmakers Anup Sugunan and Janice Rios from Austin.


Filmmaker Anup Sugunan gets interviewed for the evening news.
And I get interviewed for the evening news too.


Zombies walk the streets.
Zombies attack our car!


Cindy and Producer Janice Rios
Channel 6 News on Sunday night.


Directors and Producers prepare for the Media
Janice and Cindy discover the perfect spot for a soft shoe number


The lovely Wichita Falls Theater
Sunday night was like the end of camp. A bunch of the filmmakers hung out until the wee hours of the morning at the official hotel, The Crown Royal Plaza Hotel.


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