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Mill Valley Festival

The 27th Mill Valley Film Festival was incredible. This prestigious, top-tier festival had an amazing line-up of indies including: THE MACHINIST, TARNATION, PRIMER, FINDING NEVERLAND, I HEART HUCKABEES, UNKNOWN SOLDIER and STAGE BEAUTY. The staff and volunteers treated us great. Both PH screenings were full houses, and the audiences here were our best yet. PURGATORY HOUSE also had another screening as part as the outreach program for at-risk teens. The kids LOVED it!! Celeste & Cindy were also featured on a filmmaker panel for "21st Century Filmmaking". The parties were very fancy and abundant, and one was even sponsored by ILM (George Lucas' company). Northern California in the fall is just gorgeous. It was a great festival.

This is the theater we screened at. It's the theater from AMERICAN GRAFFITI!
Cindy and Celeste do a Q&A after the first screening of PURGATORY HOUSE.


Festival Programmer Jennifer Schmidt (in center) with Cindy and Celeste.
Celeste, Peter Riegert (from ANIMAL HOUSE) and Cindy.


Cindy and Celeste do a Q&A at the second screening.
Mill Valley has amazing support from the community, and all the shows were packed.


We were there with Jonathan Caouette (TARNATION) when he first saw his story on the front page of the calendar section of the LA Times! (His movie opened in theaters the next day).
Here is Jonathan with his LA Times story.


Cindy Baer and Jonathan Caouette. This photo is color-tweaked in tribute to Jonathan's film TARNATION.
Zoe Elton (Director of Programming) gave PURGATORY HOUSE an amazing introduction before our screening that we will always remember.


Celeste and director Rob Nilsson.
PURGATORY HOUSE's awesome editor Ken Gruca with Cindy.


Cindy and legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles.
Celeste and her friend Jim at the Industrial Light and Magic party.


Cindy and Celeste were part of a filmmaker panel on 21st Century filmmaking. (L to R) Wendy Levy (moderator), Cindy Baer, Celeste Davis, Jonathan Caouette (TARNATION), Rob Nilsson (SAMT), and 80-year-old filmmaking veteran Robert M. Young (HUMAN ERROR).


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Purgatory House at Mill Valley Film Festival, Photos of Mill Valley Film Festival. Pics of Jonathan Caouette (TARNATION), Albert Maysles, Zoe Elton , actor Peter Riegert, Rob Nilsson, Cindy Baer, Celeste Davis.