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Houston International Film Festival


The 37th Annual WorldFest Houston is one of the oldest film festivals in the world! Steven Speilberg, George Lucas, Spike Lee, Oliver Stone, Robert Rodriguez, Ang Lee, David Lynch and Ridley Scott ALL received their very first film awards here!! Now we are included in that list! PURGATORY HOUSE won the highest American award for "First Best Feature" (the most competitive category in the festival)!

The Southwest Premiere screening at the lovely AMC Theaters in Houston, Texas (another multiplex) was great. At the festival I met filmmakers from all over the world who flew in to participate. Saturday night's award ceremony and four-course dinner was delicious and a great cultural experience. The awards show featured dancers from many different countries. The next day the festival took all the filmmakers on a tour of the NASA Space Center, and to a yacht club for a home-style Texas BBQ.


Editor Ken Gruca (right), his dad (left) and Cindy at the Awards Dinner/Banquet, where Purgatory House won the highest American award for
"Best First Feature"!
There was an international theme everywhere you went. Flags hung down from the ceilings of the AMC Multiplex.


Left to Right: Cindy, director Hak-Soon Kim (REWIND From Korea), director Mark Gordon (HER MAJESTY), producer Grace Guggenheim (BERGA: SOLDERS OF ANOTHER WAR), and producer Derrick Doba (THE MUMMY AND THE ARMADILLO).
Cindy spoke on a producer/director panel on Saturday afternoon before the awards dinner.
Cindy's brother Josh traveled down from Austin.


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