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Dances With Films Film Festival


Our Los Angeles Premiere finally arrived and it was so much fun! DWF prides itself on discovering "truly" independent films. Having a Saturday night time slot at the historic Leammle Theater in Santa Monica was an honor. We played to a sold out house, and the response was overwhelming positive! (an amazing news photo site that covers HUGE events like the Oscars) covered our big night, and posted pics to their site! Larry Deutchman and Kenny Paul from the Prism Awards loved PH! Canon USA sponsored an amazing after-party at the Kings Head Restaurant, with delicious food, henna tattoos, fortune telling and a framed photo keepsake for each guest. Closing night we were thrilled to receive an Audience Award!


Arriving to the theater is writer/star Celesete Davis, director Cindy Baer & actor Devin Witt who plays Atticis.
Celeste Davis painting the town pink.


Singer/Actress Haylie Duff arrived with one of our talented lead actors Devin Witt.
Actress/Casting Director Katrina Gourley looked beautiful.


Haylie Duff, Devin Witt and Celeste Davis.
Lead actor Johnny Pacar has been booking lots of roles since "Purgatory House"!


Dances With Films has taken over the Leammle Theater for the week.
The entire audience stayed for our Q&A.


Awesome festival co-director Leslee Scanlon (left) did an amazing job running the festival while she was 8 months pregnant! Here Cindy Baer is thanking everyone who make this movie possible.
Celeste takes the mike.
Rapper Nasty Nes plays the role of the chef.
Actor Devin Witt (Atticis) tells about his audition process.


Leslee asks Celeste a few questions about writing the movie.
Leslee gave each person a chance to say a few words about their experience making the movie. Nasty cracks everyone up.


Johnny Pacar (Sam) says that seeing the movie made him appreciate his life more.
Katherine Skatula (Sam's mom) says what an important piece she thinks PH is.


Howard Lockie (Silver's dad) loved finally seeing the movie all puttogether.
The cast members of "Purgatory House" who came up on stage were: (left to right) Jim Hanks, Cindy Baer, Nasty Nes, Devin Witt, Celeste Davis, Johnny Pacar, Howard Lockie and Katherine Skatula.


Jim Hanks (o.s) makes Celeste Davis laugh.
Jim Hanks (o.s) makes Cindy Baer laugh too.


Jim Hanks (Saint James) shares his humor and sincerity with the cast & audience.
Singer/Songwriter/Actress Haylie Duff said she LOVED our movie!! She and Celeste pose for a picture.


Photoshoots are fun.
Associate Producer Traci Glodery and her sister at the after party sponsored
by Canon USA.


Jim Hanks and friends hanging out.
Corbin Booth (Makeup artist), Jim Thompson (Production Designer), Scott Gerard (Assistant Production Designer), a friend and Gretchen Houk.


Eileen Dietz Albany and friend.
Actors Johnny Pacar (Sam), David Lindstedt (Sam's dad), with director
Cindy Baer, and Jim Hanks (Saint James) popping his head into the picture.


Celeste Davis and Jim Hanks.
Cindy Baer with David Abramson and wife Eva.


Celeste with her dear friend Danny.
Katrina Gourley and her beau, Tim.


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