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– printed reviews, stories and clips...


Top Ten Films of the Year (PH is listed as #4)
Entertainment Insiders

“Top Ten Films You Probably Haven't Seen,
But Should" by Todd David Schwartz
(PH is #1)!!

CBS Radio

“Film Freak Central's Top Ten Films" (Bill Chambers gives PH an Honorable Mention!)
Film Freak Central

“Top Films" by Danny Baldwin (PH is listed under "Notable Films")
Bucket Reviews

Los Angeles Premiere of "Purgatory House"

“Trio of Films Influenced by Columbine Shootings”
David D’Arcy profiles the films “Elephant”,
“Purgatory House”, and “Zero Day” on the radio
program “All Things Considered”

National Public Radio (audio clip)

Screenwriter of the week
MovieMaker Magazine

DVD Review (4 out of 5 stars)

DVD Review (Rating: B)

DVD Review (3 1/2 stars out of 4)

Review by MaryAnn Johanson
The Flick Filosopher

Review by Scott Weinburg (4 stars out of 5)

Review by Jonathan Hickman (3.5 stars out of 4)
Entertainment Insiders

Review by Bill Chambers (4.5 stars out of 5)

Film Freak Central

Review by Eric Campos (4.5 stars out of 5)
Film Threat

Review by Jesse Knight (4.5 bananas out of 5)
Bangin' Banana Reviews

Review by Matt Forsman (rated: enlightening)
The Cinematic Verses

DVD Review (Rating: B)
The Trades

Review by C.S. Stowbridge
The-Numbers Moviesite

Hot Set: Live from the San Diego Film Festival
(Bart and the panel interview Cindy Baer)

World Talk Radio (audio clip)

“Celeste Davis, The Heart and Soul of Purgatory House” (interview with Celeste Davis).
Film Threat

“Cindy Baer Walks Through Purgatory” (interview with actor turned director Cindy Baer).

Film Threat

“Meet Hollywood’s Youngest Screenwriter”
Scr(i)pt Magazine
January/February 2002

Pali Film Fest Spends Time in Purgatory
Palisidian Post

Teen writer, star of 'Purgatory House' hopes film can help troubled families
Grand Rapids Press

"Back to Purgatory" (catching up with Cindy Baer)
Film Threat

“It’s A Mac, Mac World”
Chicago Tribune

“Teen Angst Leads to “Purgatory House”
Film Threat

“Why I write” quote by Celeste Davis

Talent Development Resources

"Human Nature on Screen"

The Patriot Ledger

"A Taste of Hollywood"

Channel 6 News

“Film Threat's Best of the Year" (PH is #1)!!
Film Threat

“The Best Unbought, Unseen, and Undistributed Films of the year" (listed alphabetically)

“Top Ten Films of the year" (PH is listed in the "Noteworthy Films I Haven't Seen Yet" section!! How cool is that?)
Qwipster Movie Reviews

“A Helluva Film Debut”
New York Post

“EIC names 9th Annual Prism Nominations”

“Review by Davy G.

“Purgatory House Takes Festival Circuit by Storm”
NoHo LA Megazine

"The Future of Independent Distribution: A filmmaker's journey by Cindy Baer"
Film Festival Today Magazine

On-camera interview at the Waterfront Film Festival
Fox News (video 6.7megs)

“Plymouth Film Festival Gets 2 Thumbs up!” (with photo of Cindy Baer receiving the award for "Best Film".)
The Patriot Ledger

“Saugatuck fest like laid-back Sundance; In Michigan, great indie film is on Waterfront”
Chicago Tribune

“Some Pain, Some Gain at 9th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival”(includes a great interview with PH director Cindy Baer)


“From Purgatory to Cinematic Heaven”
Film Festival Today Magazine

“Small Cameras, Big Pictures” by David English
AV Video Multimedia Producer Magazine

“Saugatuck's annual film festival should turn heads with exceptional lineup”
Grand Rapids Press

“Plymouth Indie Film Fest: Scenes from the Afterlife”
The Patriot Ledger

“Coming of Age: Purgatory House star/writer Celeste Marie Davis wrote the irreverent, religiously-themed film when she was only 13”
The LA Independant

“The Story Behind Purgatory House – or – How a Troubled 14-year-old Girl Managed to Write and Star in a Feature Without Being Related to a Studio Mogul”
The Writers Store

"Turning Your TV Time into Quality Time"
Kids's First Film and Video Newsletter

"5th Annual Silverlake Film Festival"
Bangin' Banana Movies

Ray Mickshaw's photoshoot of director Cindy Baer at Palm Beach Intl. Film Festival

Dru Richman interviews director/producer Cindy Baer
MacRadio (audio clip)

“Hot Set: 14-year-Old Scripts Purgatory House Feature"
Box Office Magazine

Christie Yao interviews screenwriter Celeste Davis

Kids First Newsletter Feature Story

Kids' First Film Festival

AFM 2004: interview with Cindy Baer (PH was 1 of only 6 films chosen by IFP-Los Angeles to show a trailer at their booth.) Click on "PURGATORY HOUSE"
Watchavision Network (video clip)

“Away from the Multiplex, A Summer To Love”
by Rhonda Stewart
The Boston Globe

"The 2004 Mill Valley Film Festival reveals naked truths--and a whole lot more"
MetroActive Movies

“Industry Gets Behind Young Hollywood Screenwriter”
Yahoo! News/ Daily News (Los Angeles)

Internet Movie Database



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